Gang, we are backing off gigs for the next few months to spend some time in the studio, tracking all the great stuff we wrote in the last year.  May pick up a few add hoc shows.  Join the mailing list

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Past Shows


Date                                 Venue                                    Location

2/18/2017                         Uptown Lounge                        Chicago, IL

12/16/2016                       Q Bar Darien                             Darien, IL

11/4/2016                         Q-Bar Glendale                         Glendale Heights, IL

9/16/2016                         The Fine Line                            St Charles, IL

8/13/2016                          Underground Wonder Bar        Chicago, IL

8/6/2016                            Pondstock                                Saint Charles, IL

3/12/2016                          Underground Wonder Bar        Chicago, IL

8/15/2015                          Private Party                             St Charles, IL

8/7/2015                            Old Town Pub                           Wasco, IL

7/10/2015                          Underground Wonder Bar        Chicago, IL

5/13/2015                          Underground Wonder Bar        Chicago, IL


Old Town Pub in Wasco is a great venue that has completed a great stage build, fantastic sound system and lighting.  They a re booking a lot of nation touring acts.  We were very happy to play with South Side exiles on a Friday night,  Super...


Live video from "Colors or the Day"   at Old Town  Special appearance, Patrick Kelly, thanks.




Video by Eric Entertainment. Sound by Eric Busbey and Lerah Productions.



"Sunny Day in July" from Pondstock, great night.



Special thanks to Bryan Mravec for lighting and sound.





The Underground Wonder Bar has been a legendary fixture in in downtown Chicago for our 20 years. We where thrilled to be invited to play a few shows there, Great venue, great time.



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