Mark Martinelli

 Jim Dodis

Fletch Towell

Phil Chester

FTB is a new indie band started mid 2013 by four outstanding and talented performers based out of Chicagoland.  All original material, no predefined barriers on genera, with killer live shows mostly in the Midwest US.


We compose fluidly and naturally, avoiding  pre-genre conditioning, but gravitate toward bluesy-progressive rock, jazz/rock fusion, upbeat pop, soulful ballads.

Sorta rootsy and eclectic, audiences and fans experience a distinct, honest, sometimes intense but always fun show with song lyrics from light to thought deeply thought provoking.  Performing and recording original material, writing first and categorizing later, results in a unique collection of bluesy-progressive rock, jazz/rock fusion, upbeat pop-ish tunes, and soulful ballads. Live performances include jazz/rock/fusion improv sessions in many of the tunes, and the band grabs a wide spectrum of listeners with pop-infused vocals, progressive instrumentations, harmonies, and occasional odd meters. Always upbeat and delivering a fun time, while remaining emotionally relevant, the band is unique among today's formula music genres.


In addition to keys, guitar, bass and drums, performances include backing vocals and a horn section, and frequently additional percussion for jam-oriented ditties.  All in all, fans like the uniqueness, breadth and freshness of our music resulting from the diversity of band member’s backgrounds, the idiosyncratic nature of our performances, and energy we generate on recording and live performances.

Located in the Midwest, Fletch launched the band with Mark Martinelli and Jim Dodis in early 2013.  Fletch leads the band with a beautifully soulful and distinctive voice and exciting keyboard rhythm and solos.  Jim, with great breadth but very distinctive improvisational lead performances, is the driving force behind many of our grove based songs, and also a “pedal board guru” creative talent and tone chaser.  With an uncanny ability to keep metronome like “in the pocket” driving drum lines, Mark also engages audiences with free spirit improve and is fully immersed in the creative process.   Phil Chester on Bass is perhaps the most paradoxical member, both driving the grove but flying outside the box frequently, and like us all, heavily engaged in the writing/creative process.

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