If you like Bluesy-progressive rock, jazz/rock fusion, upbeat pop-ish tunes, and soulful ballads you will like FTB.




We keep it real, live large, and have a broad rand of influences.  No genre bounds here, our fans and instincts guide our lives and creation process,  keeping the freedom to remain creative and relevant.  For live recording work, we trend toward jazz/rock/fusion improv sessions in many of the tunes, and the band grabs a wide spectrum of listeners with pop-infused vocals, progressive instrumentations, harmonies, and occasional odd meters. Always upbeat and delivering a fun time, while remaining emotionally relevant, the band is unique among today's formula music genres.

A  little journey in the live space, with a throwback to the emotional rock building blocks of the late 70s.

What we do, an inside peek!!!

Out next release in April 2017,  we LOVE live

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